Independence is Freedom

We come to this world, we grow, we mature, and, once we are ready, we leave our family homes behind. Sounds beautiful, doesn't it?
Yet some of us need much more time for it. In the Lubusz Hostel for People with Autism, we help them develop skills essential in everyday life.

Because independence is freedom.

Together, We Can Do More

In Poland, there is still no system support for People with autism. However, thanks to cooperation with Autistic People Help Association "Together Forward", we ensured not only the perfect housing conditions, but also top-tier therapy for People with autism.

Together, in the Lubusz Hostel for People with Autism, we currently implement two projects that provide support to both the proteges and their close relatives.

We accompany our proteges on their Road to Independence, as well as ensure Respite to their guardians who look after their children or grandchildren as best as they can, often with last ounces of their strength...

The "Road to Independence" project, with financial support from the Polish National Disabled Persons' Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON), provides the dependent adult People with autism with means for self-reliant functioning. Throghout their therapy, they learn how to run a household, handle official matters, maintain personal hygene and keep family bonds. Their independence is supported by specialists in fields of dietetics, neuropathology and sexology.

The "Respite Care for Family Members and Guardians of Disabled People" project, financed by Poland's Ministry of Family and Social Policy, allows for temporary relief from daily duties related to taking care of people with disabilities for their guardians. Time for rest and regeneration or planning a stay in a hostpital are often a "luxury" that guardians and parents of People with autism cannot afford. Thanks to "Respite", this became possible. Families of People with autism also receieve a specialist support, which in turn strengthens their personal potential.

"I counted up around 22 nights without preparing Olek for sleep, and he is 21 years old."

- Monika, Olek's mother

During their stay in the Hostel, our proteges are guaranteed comfortable living conditions, professional specialized and caring support, and, most of all, a family atmosphere. Together, we deal with any odds, cook, laugh, learn, support one another and spend time productively - we care for our common space, for our common home - everyone feels at home here!